CBD oil for dogs with cancer

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Introduction to using CBD oil to help dogs with Cancer

Cancer is one of the most common diseases in dogs. This is because of their complex body mechanisms and also because of environmental or genetic reasons. Their cancer can grow in their mast cells, bones, mammary glands, lymph nodes, and more. Whatever the exact form of it is, what is certain is that it will decrease the quality of their life.

CBD for dog cancer

CBD has been seen to be a good supplement for dogs with cancer. It is not used as a medicine for controlling it, but rather, for ensuring that its symptoms will not affect the dogs severely. This also extends to the possible side effects of cancer treatments. These include options such as chemotherapy and surgery, both of which can weaken dogs. There is also some scientific evidence which points out that it can slow down the activity of cancer cells.

All the benefits of cbd for dogs

CBD is popular for dogs in general and not only for those with cancer. It has been seen to have a lot of benefits which can directly help them such as:

· Anxiety – Because their activities are limited and they mostly feel under the weather, dogs with cancer become anxious. This can also be a result of frequent exposure to machinery and strangers from their trips to the veterinarians. With CBD, you can help them calm down and become more relaxed during this difficult time.

· Chronic pain – A side effect of some cancers is weakness of the body along with constant pain. This makes them weaker and unable to do vigorous activities. By regularly consuming CBD, many owners observe their dogs to be active once more. This is because of the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. It also reduces their sensitivity to pain.

The other benefits of CBD include lessening the occurrence of seizures, regulating their sleep cycle, improving their immune system, and more. With all of these combined, their quality of life improves and they will be healthier even with a diagnosis of cancer.

Is CBD safe for dogs?

CBD is safe for them and is approved to be used by veterinarians. As stated above, it is not an alternative medicine for any current treatment of cancer, but rather, one of the additions to their dietary intake to improve their condition. After all, a healthier body improves their chances of fighting the development of cancer. Veterinarians who encourage an integrative approach can thoroughly guide you about how to use it properly while taking into account the medicines they are currently taking.

CBD will also not make your dog high. It is not psychoactive even if it comes from the cannabis hemp plant. This is because its THC or tetrahydrocannabinol content is lower than 0.3%. Through this, they will not be disoriented when taking this. It is also not lethal or toxic for them.

How do you give CBD to dogs?

CBD oil can be dropped directly on their mouth if they are comfortable with this. It can also be applied directly on the blood vessels below their tongue or near the gums to make it faster to reach their bloodstream. It can also be mixed with their food.

There are also CBD oils mixed with dog treats. It has a natural flavor such as beef and chicken to make it easier to eat for them.

When giving CBD for dogs, be sure to slowly introduce it during the first week of giving. Through this, they can gradually get comfortable with using it. A general rule of thumb is to offer 1 mg at most for every 1 kg of the dog at the maximum. Because of this, users are advised to start with 0.1 mg for every kg of the dog.

Although your dog might not feel like eating anything with its terrible disease, you can always try putting some on its favorite treats. If possible it is best to find an oil with a passive taste, or even a tasty one.

Possible side effects of CBD

CBD can have side effects only if given in very and inappropriate doses. It can cause a quick drop of blood pressure for the dog which makes them dizzy, sleepy, and nauseous. It can also irritate their stomach and cause vomiting.

However, with proper dosing, they will not have issues from it.

Which formulation of CBD is used?

CBD comes in three main variations in formula which depend upon which ingredients are mixed in it.

Full-spectrum CBD

The first one is called “full-spectrum” and pertains to those where all of the ingredients of the cannabis hemp plant is included. The key ingredients here are the hemp terpenes and cannabinoids. These are helpful for boosting the healing and antioxidant properties of the product. This is to encourage the “entourage effect” of cannabis plants which makes it more effective.

However, it is also the most potent and the easiest to exceed the recommended dose of. It has a strong flavor reminiscent of grass, too, which can discourage some dogs from regularly consuming it. If effectiveness is your only concern, this is recommended for you.

Broad-spectrum CBD

Broad-spectrum CBD is the middle ground and contains less of the ingredients found in hemp plants but still has the “entourage effect”. It has a milder taste which makes it more manageable for dogs.

CBD isolates

The final form is the CBD isolate which only has CBD in its blend. It is distilled to be very pure and has almost no flavor which makes it very easy for dogs. However, it needs a higher dose for its effects to be felt by the dogs given its formulation. If you want to be very safe, this is the choice for you.

Which form of CBD is best for dogs with Cancer.

CBD is given in multiple forms, with the best one being what you and your dog are most comfortable with. This is very true if you just got the diagnosis that no dog owner wants to hear. If all things being equal it is best to try to go with a full spectrum option.

This is because there are synergies between chemicals found in the entire spectrum that can help multiple issues. With isolates you get only a very refined product, which can lack these additional benefits. And with Cancer being the terrible disease it is, the best thing to do is to try to cover all the bases possible.

CBD oil contains either coconut, MCT, or olive oil and is the fastest to work. Its liquid form makes it easily reach the bloodstream of the dog. If your dog is comfortable with having a dropper be inserted to their mouth daily, this can be a choice for you. To make it more appealing, many pet companies also mix it with natural flavoring. With better manufacturing, the grassy flavor can be lessened.

CBD oils are also mixed by some companies with chewable dog treats along with a natural flavoring. This form is preferred by many dogs as they won’t notice that they are taking medicine. A minor downside is that it may take an hour or two later to work because it needs to be digested by their body first.


CBD can help in improving the quality of life for dogs with cancer. There is also some scientific evidence which points out that it can slow down the growth of cancer cells. Although Cancer is something no one wants to deal with there have been huge improvements in treatments, especially for pets.

Together with your Vet you can discuss all the options that are available. Based on this talk you will be able to determine the best course of action for you and your loved one.

Although there is a lot of promise with the use of CBD for dogs with Cancer it really seems to be up in the air. For me personally, CBD oil has helped my little one live a better life than without it. At the end of the day it is your choice as to what the best course of action is for your furry family member. However, there are lots of places reporting positive things though such as this study about the use of CBD to tread Canine Cancer.

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