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As pet owners, seeing our dog suffering from allergies is hard. This is especially for those who suffer from seasonal allergies which causes them to scratch their skins until they get wounds. Not to mention, this can also become infected later if they play around dirty areas. With allergy, their quality of life is affected. For those who want a natural way of reducing the symptoms of allergy, CBD is recommended for you.

CBD for dog allergies

CBD is a compound that is extracted from the cannabis hemp plant. It has long been known to have medicinal effects including reducing anxiety, chronic pain, and seizures in dogs. One of its benefits is also to reduce the allergies of the dogs.

It works by interacting with their endocannabinoid system. This is a part of the body that is found in many mammals such as dogs, cats, and humans. The CBD can boost the effects of this body system. Once this happens, various parts of their body are improved such as their nervous system, immune system, organs.

Allergies are unnecessary responses of immune systems that react to something in their environment. For example, some dogs start to have allergic reactions to pollen in the spring, from excessive heat in the summer, and more. The immune system considers these objects as dangerous for their body and reacts by inflaming their skin, making them sneeze, and more. While this is just a nuisance for some dogs, some can have life-threatening symptoms if these are left untreated.

By interacting with the endocannabinoid system, CBD reduces the intensity of the immune system’s reaction. This is backed-up by many researchers which showed that CBD reduces the symptoms of dermatitis in dogs. It reduces the skin’s inflammation, lessens its itchiness, and returns it to normal.

Because of this, CBD is also used for human skin. Given that it does not have any known side effects when applied to the skin, it can be used without prescriptions. But this article is all about using CBD oil for dog allergies. I guess if it is safe enough for human skin, it should say something about CBD being safe for dogs.

How is CBD given to dogs?

Given that most dog allergy symptoms can be seen in their skin, the most recommendable form is the CBD skin salve. This is applied gently directly to the inflamed parts of the skin. Usually, the skin symptoms from allergies can be treated within a week of giving it.

Some salves also include beeswax and other protective ingredients, to protect the skin from being infected.

Aside from this, CBD can also be given to dogs through its oil form. It comes in a bottle with its own dropper which you will use to measure how many drops you will give them. This can be dropped directly on their mouth or mixed with their food. There are also CBD dog treats which are mixed with CBD oil to make it easier to give for dogs.

Is CBD safe for dogs?

Even though CBD comes from cannabis, it does not cause the sensation of euphoria or being “high” for them. This is because its THC levels are formulated to be less than 0.3%. After all, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the compound in cannabis plants that is psychoactive.

CBD does not have any side effects when given properly. To ensure this, give it in small amounts at first which you will then increase over time to ensure that their body can adjust to it properly.

There is no danger to applying CBD to their skin if they are not allergic to any of its ingredients. Given that most are made from CBD oil, coconut oil, and other natural ones, it is safe to use for almost all dogs. If you are worried about giving CBD oil to your dog please make sure you read our story. We write up about the best place to get dog cbd products in Canada, as well as our experiences with them.

Tips for buying CBD for dog allergies

CBD Skin Salves

Most of the time, CBD skin salves also come with other natural ingredients to further boost its healing effects.

The best ones include other anti-inflammatory ingredients such as rosemary and calendula oil. Both also boost the wound’s healing.

It is also better if the product includes the hemp terpenes found in the cannabis hemp plant. These are aromatic compounds that have anti-bacterial, anti-inflammation, and skin healing effects.

As mentioned, there are also some that include beeswax which can serve as a layer of protection for the dog as their wounds heal. We found that APawtheCary had one of the best products, but they are no longer available.

CBD oil

If you will use CBD oil, look for one that is categorized as “full-spectrum” or “broad-spectrum”. This is CBD that includes all the natural compounds found in the cannabis hemp plant (but with insignificant amounts of THC). Through this, its beneficial effects are boosted because of the “entourage effect”. The latter is an effect found in cannabis plants where its medicinal effects are most effective when the other compounds found in it are included in the blend.

If you also want CBD’s other benefits such as relief from anxiety, chronic pain, and seizures, CBD oil is more recommended as the skin salve is only for issues in the skin.


Allergies in dogs can cause inflammation and sores in their skin. CBD can be applied directly to their skin to lessen these. It can also be consumed in its oil form.

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