CBD for dogs in Canada

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Introduction to CBD products for dogs in Canada

When it comes to cannabis products, Canada has always had a more liberal approach. Because of this, citizens can enjoy both medicinal and recreational use of these products as long as its properly regulated. CBD oils are one of the most popular products here because of its highly medicinal effects. In fact, it is popular for both humans and dogs. 

What is CBD?

First things first we will get down to the important things, and that is what is CBD ? Those three letters are thrown around but few know that it stands for cannabidiol. It is extracted from the cannabis hemp plant. Its use is regulated in Canada, and it can be freely purchased from approved retailers. CBD can be purchased even without prescriptions. This is mainly because CBD does not have any psychoactive properties, therefore removing the sensation of being “high” which is usually seen with cannabis products.

How does CBD work on dogs?

CBD works by interacting with the receptors of the Endocannabinoid system of the body which is found in humans, dogs, cats, and more. This, in turn, interacts with various parts of the body, mainly the central nervous system. Through this, it provides a wide range of benefits. It has been seen to lessen inflammation in the body, lessen any chronic pain that you may be feeling, and lessen the symptoms of anxiety.

There are very few side effects from using CBD products , for you or your dog. Because of this, it is seen as a good substitute for opioids that need prescription. CBD is not addictive, allows you to function like normal , and is easy to take. 

CBD Dog Treats

One of the best uses of CBD is for dogs. After all, they can also suffer from the symptoms that it can cure. For example, anxiety in dogs can be seen if they are uncomfortable around strangers and if they are less friendly. As they age, they may also suffer from diseases of the nervous system such as arthritis. 

CBD oils are common, but it may be hard to give them to dogs. After all, you would have to directly drop it in their mouth or put it on something they eat. Not all dogs may be cooperative, especially those that are always anxious or are just picky.

CBD dog treats mix the oil into a chewable biscuit. This is also infused with natural flavors such as pork, chicken, and beef. This makes it much easier to give them. As long as you pair with a flavor that they like, they will easily eat the treat without much convincing. Personally we have found that a combo of oils and treats work best for us.

CBD dosages for dogs

It is easy to measure the dosage of CBD dog treats. To do this, simply count how many treats you will give in one day. Instructions about its dosage are written in the packaging and are optimized to match the weight of the dog. It is usually a calculation of weight into ml/mg of cbd. This is why it is important to read the directions of products before you give them to your dog.

For example, smaller breeds are advised 1 to 2 treats per day. The biggest ones may need up to 3 to 4 treats per day. However, the 1 to 2 treats will depend on how much CBD is in each treat. So please read the instructions before you give them to your dog!

Is CBD Safe for dogs?

CBD is safe and comes with minimal side effects if you accidentally give too much of it. Usually, the effects are brought by the other ingredients mixed with it rather than the CBD itself. For example, some may have bowel issues and may start vomiting if they give their dog too much. This could be due to the carrier oil, which is usually MCT / Coconut oil. It is no different than if you drank too much oil, it would upset your stomach. The good news is that there are no drastic side effects to eating too much of this. Still, you should always follow dosing instructions to be sure.

Choosing a CBD dog treat and what to look for

There are many CBD manufacturers nowadays given the boom in demand for it. Because of this, users should remember a few tips before choosing one.

Natural ingredients

First, we recommend a product that is fully made from natural ingredients. Through this, you will be ensured that the hemp used for it is free from insecticides and toxic chemicals. This also ensures that the extraction and distillation process to get the CBD is of high-quality.

A good way of verifying this is to see if they provide a lab certification in the packaging. This tells you that the company prioritizes high-quality manufacturing to ensure that your dog will receive the best benefits from the dog treat.

Formulation of CBD

Next, choose a CBD dog treat that is considered broad-spectrum. This is a classification of CBD products that also include the other compounds found in the hemp plant, mainly the terpenes. This is why it might be hard to figure out the best cbd dog treats in Canada as you can’t easily determine what is in the blends or the products.

Terpenes are aromatic compounds that have medicinal effects, and which are also found in plants like pine and rosemary. The hemp plant has a high concentration of this. When these are included in the CBD dog treat, you will be able to get the “entourage effect”. This boosts the effects of CBD and makes it more beneficial for your dog.

The opposite of a broad-spectrum CBD is the CBD isolate. The latter strictly only contains CBD.

Finding a good company

Although CBD has been a buzzword for several years, it seems that as the time goes on more and more products come to the market. It is always a bit worrisome when brands just keep popping up with new and improved claims. How can you find out who is the best? How can you trust them? What we have found, similar to other products in your life is to follow these questions when evaluating products to try. What do others say about the product? Do you believe what they say? How long have they been in business? Does their customer support answer within a normal time, or at all? What are their claims, and do they make sense?

Our best pick for Canadian customers is the Furbabies Dog Treats. Made by veterinarians and pet product experts, their dog treats are among the best in the market. It is qualified to be human grade, is free from corn and grain, and has no artificial preservatives. Their products come in three forms: beef, chicken, and wild boar. It also comes with a lot of instructions for giving the product which can guide first-time users. It is important to note that they use their own blends of their own cannabimimetic ingredients. So while not a true CBD product, the benefits can be seen and their products are truly life changing.

We have gone over how great their products are, and how easy they are to get our little one to eat. As we have tested at least 25 different CBD products that are in Canada, we have never found anything that came close to the impact on our lives. They have single handedly reduced our little ones seizures from daily occurrences, to a livable amount.

Final thoughts on CBD products for dogs in Canada

It might not be the easiest thing to find the best cbd oils in Canada for dogs, but we have done all the work for you so don’t worry! CBD dog treats are made by mixing the oil with a chewable biscuit that is mixed with natural flavorings like beef and chicken to make it easier to give for dogs. Our best choice for this is Furbabies Co Dog Treats because it is made from human grade ingredients, is free from preservatives, and has a lot of instructions for first-time users. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know as we love to find out about new products and peoples experiences with them.

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