CBD for Dogs: Benefits, Risks, and more

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Introduction to CBD use with dogs

CBD oil is a very famous health booster nowadays. You may have heard of the substance from various sources including health blogs, celebrities, and people with chronic conditions.

CBD is now widely available mainly because of the legalization of cannabis for both medical and recreational usage. CBD comes from cannabis plants but has a lot of safety measures to make it safe for humans and even dogs.

It is important to take note that CBD or cannabidiol is very different from other cannabis products. It is one of the compounds inside the plant that has a lot of medicinal effects but barely any side effects. 

The compound is separated from THC or the tetrahydrocannabinols which is responsible for giving you the sensation of being “high” because of its psychoactive properties. 

What are the medical benefits of CBD for dogs?

CBD is used to target a variety of health issues. One of its main uses is for lessening the anxiety felt by our dogs. Using CBD can help your dog relax a bit. This in turn allows them to control their emotions better, and in turn make everyone around happier. This is especially true in dogs that are by nature just skittish as they might have a bit more of an anxious personality. It can also be used before taking them to an event with a lot of stressful factors such as loud noises and strangers.

benefits of CBD use for dogs
the positive things cbd can do for dogs

CBD is also used for the lessening of any chronic pain that they may feel. It makes them less reactive to painful stimuli such as inflammation of the joints due to arthritis and other diseases brought by old age.

CBD has also been seen to have an overall health boosting effect for a dog. It interacts with the Endocannabinoid system or the ECS, which promotes homeostasis in the body. Because of this, your dog can have a better overall immune system, coat health, mood, and sleep regulation for dogs.

Are there any risks with using CBD with your dog?

Given that it comes from the cannabis plant which has a long history of being illegal and has known negative side effects, some owners may be wary of using CBD with their dogs. However, from both anecdotal and clinical research, there has been no known lethal or toxic side effects of using it. It also has received a lot of positive reviews from pet owners who have gradually introduced it to their dogs. 

As with any substance, you may have some side effects when you give it in very high dosages. The worst that your dog can get from CBD is diarrhea, sleepiness, or vomiting. The good news is that it is very easy to regulate its dosage.

How can you give CBD to your dog?

CBD comes in a lot of forms to make it easier for dogs to take. This is good as that means there are a lot of different forms CBD can come in for dogs to take. One of the most popular forms is through oils that come with its own dropper. You can measure out the dosage by counting how many drops you give to the dog.

Next, it also comes in bite-sized forms such as gummy bears and dog treats. This makes it easier for them to chew on. It also comes with various natural flavoring such as pork, beef, and chicken. This makes it easier for them to eat it. 

cbd dog treats
some nice looking dog treats

Lastly, there are also those that are given through topical ointments and creams. This is used for promoting the health of their coat.

Which CBD blend should I choose?

Before buying one, make sure that you know exactly what your dog would need. Because of this, you should take into consideration various factors. 

First, check out its different components. There are those that are named “full spectrum” which means that it includes all the parts of the cannabis plant. This ensures that there will be a lot of nutrition included in it. However, you should make sure that it has less than 0.3% of THC.

There are also those called broad spectrum which means that it has a lot of THC. This should be avoided at all cost for pets as it can be toxic for them in high dosages.

cbd isolate and oil
hemp leaf, cbd isolate, and full spectrum cbd

Next, pick the type of CBD that your dog will most probably eat. We recommend those that come in oil form which you can easily drop on their mouths. We also recommend dog treats.

Lastly, look for one that comes from a reputable company. After all, CBD is still relatively new in the market. You must ensure that the company that makes it ensures that it will be fully safe for the dog, beneficial for them, and will come at the best price.

What are customers saying about CBD?

CBD has received a lot of rave reviews. Most pet owners have noticed their dogs’ behavior to change within a week of regular usage. They observed that they become more energetic, friendlier, and easy-going. There are also almost no stories that report negative or dangerous side effects for dogs, with the complaints ranging from a bit of lethargy and and upset stomach. So a lot of potential upside, with very little risks.


Broadening your choices for your dog’s health booster is always advised. CBD is one of the safest and most effective ones that can be bought in the market now. Before buying one, be sure to check out its manufacturer, the version of CBD being used, and its composition.

Although there are a lot of different products out there now as far as cbd and dogs go, it might take a bit to find the perfect one for you. If you are worried at all about this, check out our list of the best CBD oils for dogs for this year.

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