CBD for an event that could cause some anxiety for your dog

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We all know a time where we have to go out and our little furry friend wouldn’t have a good time. It might be a family gathering or a walk in the park. Another example is Halloween that, which just passed, where there will be loud noises. All of these things can be triggers for our more timid buddies, and thus we will try to reduce their issues as much as we can.

What can cause anxiety in dogs?

Anxiety can be cause by a larger number of things, and while there might be common triggers the causes and response will usually vary between different dogs. This is because many times anxiety, fear, and the response is based on past events in their lives. It might have been a moment of separation or being deserted , or being injured physically , and many times there won’t be an obvious answer as to what is the cause of the anxiety.

How to find the trigger for anxiety in dogs.

Due to the many different things that can be attributed to causing anxiety, the most realistic thing ( when the cause is unknown ) is to try to keep a journal and see if you can pinpoint events that trigger the anxiety to come out. If you can identify the issue, you can either work on it to change the response, try to avoid it, and when you can’t avoid it you can try CBD products. It is a bit of a lame to just say try to find it out, but if you track every single thing that you do with your buddy, like a life journal, sometimes it might not see like a big deal but when you look over details you can see small things that occur.

What can you do to avoid anxiety attacks?

So other than avoiding the issue, which again is not really helpful you can look at these couple of things that might help lessen them.

The first thing that can be done is obviously to see if you can find the trigger of the anxiety attacks. For this type of issue you can then give a larger amount of CBD prior to encountering the trigger. For example, if you are seeing anxiety issues when going to the dog park, you can give a larger dose of cbd an hour to two hours prior to going to the park.

The next thing, which is better if you don’t know the trigger, is to have a continual dosing schedule of CBD in the system. For my dog, who has seizures, there are no triggers. So I keep a dosing schedule of every two hours. During the day I use CBM oil, and during the night I use crushed up treats with oil as it will stay in her system longer. So , because I know that there are issues that are caused but I can’t control them, or remove the triggers, I just try to keep a constant amount in her system. Although this isn’t related to anxiety it is similar in its acute onset sometimes.

Will CBD oil help with all anxiety issues?

The truth not the greatest, but the reality is that it won’t help with every single anxiety issue. However, CBD is generally safe for most dogs, so it is a good place to start with. In my situation, I didn’t want to use the pharmacy and wanted to go an route that was easier on her system and could be tried out before making a huge commitment. It is worth it to give it a try, as the best case scenario is that it helps worse is that it doesn’t and you try something else.


If your dog is suffering from anxiety related issues, we really suggest taking CBD oil as legitimate option for dealing with the issue. Because anxiety related problems causes are so hard to diagnose, the chances of finding exactly what is causing the issues are hard to pinpoint. If the issue is fixed with CBD, that is awesome. If not, then you can move onto the next course of action and that would most likely be speaking with your vet to see what prescriptions medicine you can use to try to reduce the issues.

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