CBD and dogs, our full guide to FAQs

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Intro to finding the right CBD for your dog

Generally speaking, people turn to CBD when there is something wrong with their pets, or themselves. In a modern day where we look to nature more and more quickly rather than a pill bottle it is understandable. Personally, when I began to see issues with my little one and investigated the options I found that CBD can help dogs with seizures. At first I started with a brand called Apawthecary, but soon I found myself running low. After trying to reach them on their site I wondered what happened to Apawthecary, and sadly found out that they were closed.

That then began my journey to find an oil that worked as well as theirs. I tried many, many brands and they didn’t help to reduce her seizures. So I looked and looked again and found Furbabies. But after all of that I really asked myself, how come all cbd products don’t work the same? What is so different about one brand and another. This is when I found out a lot more about what cbd is, and how it can act so differently between brands and even animals.

First things first, what are the types of CBD options for dogs.

When you first start your CBD journey you might find yourself in the same situation as I did. And that was standing in a pet store asking for cbd, and getting a bunch of bottles in front of you. This is exactly why I started this blog, and that is to try to reduce those initial overwhelming feelings you might have. So the very first thing that we have to go over is what are the different ways that CBD can be processed.

1. CBD Isolate

The first type of CBD we can look at is the purest of all. It is called Isolate, as that is exactly what it is. It is CBD that is free from anything else, and it is just CBD. Now that might sound great, but in all honesty this one had the least amount of positive results for my little one. This is because Isolate is just cbd, so it is missing some of the other “magic” that comes with everything else in the plants. It is similar to when someone is working out, if all they eat is protein they will die. This is called rabbit starvation, because the body needs other things to work.

This is similar to CBD, in that when it is taken into the body its results can be improved by other chemicals. So although most think that the purer you can get of something the better, in the case with cbd it might not be true. This is not to say that it can’t work, or won’t work very well, I am just saying if you are starting off with CBD products I would suggest one of the next two first.

2. Broad Spectrum CBD

The next way that CBD can be processed is to make broad spectrum CBD. To get broad spectrum CBD the goal is to have 0 THC in the mix. The benefit to this is that there are still other chemicals in the mix that can provide better benefits than CBD Isolate. While this is good because the “entourage effect” still can improve the results it is not what I would suggest as the the starting point. It is also good to note that while the goal of broad spectrum is to have 0 THC in it, there is always a chance that there might be some trace amounts. This is where the next option can come in as a choice.

3. Full Spectrum CBD

The third option is the one that I would suggest, and that is Full Spectrum CBD. It is very similar to broad spectrum, but it does have some THC in it by design. This is to get the most out of the entourage effect that was mentioned before. Just as fats are used to transport the CBD into the body easier and with better absorption, the addition of THC can increase the effectiveness of the product. This is where I have found the most success in using the product for my little one.

Thoughts on the type of CBD product to first try for your dog

As you can see above, I really suggest starting with Full spectrum CBD for your dog. This is because when you start trying to use the product for your dogs issues you want to cast the widest net. Because it is so hard to know how they will respond, I say give them the best chance for success. And in my opinion this is with Full Spectrum CBD for dogs. In my testing I have yet to find an isolate that assisted in reducing seizures for my dog. As mentioned before, what works for me might not work for you. But if reading through this makes sense, then I would suggest starting with the full spectrum.

Ways to get your dog to take CBD oil

CBD products have come a long way in the past couple years. And there are good chances it will continue to evolve into better and better options. Some dogs are really hard to get to take anything, while others will hoover up anything close to them. Many of the products now come with flavorings and other things that make dogs want them more. So now we will go over the main options of getting that CBD into your dog.

1. CBD Oils

This is the grand daddy of all CBD products, the OG if you will. CBD oil is the first type of product created to transport CBD into the bodies of living things. This of course is after smoking, but to me a plant isn’t a product as nature made it. When we make something out of the plant that is a product made by humans. So as the name suggests it is an oil that is used to transport CBD into your dogs mouth. To do this MCT, medium chain triglycerides, is commonly used which comes from coconuts usually. The reason this is done is because fats help transport the chemicals better as well as aid in the absorption into the body. Lastly , MCT oil has many benefits to the body so it is a great choice.

2. CBD Dog treats

As you can probably tell by the name of the blog, another option is CBD dog treats. These are usually treats that have hemp baked into them. Or, they have oil in treats as well. Personally, I find the treats with hemp baked to have a longer usable life in my dogs body. This is a benefit we will talk about in a bit. If your dog is picky it might be hard to find them a treat that they like. Also, the treats are generally either hard so your dog needs to have teeth that still work. Or, they are softer ones that might have preservatives in them.

3. CBD Dog salves

This is the third common version that CBD can come in for dogs. In its simplest explanation it is a cream or mixture that has CBD in it. This is then applied to the skin and absorbed. The issue that I find with this is that it doesn’t help neuro issues as much as skin related issues. It is great if your dog has rashes, heat spots or other skin issues as you can put it directly onto the area. But as far as absorption or helping with seizures, I haven’t found success when using it.

My choice for CBD product type for dogs

As you can see already I have had the chance to try a lot of the products out. For my dogs seizures I have found the most success with a combination of products. The combo that works the best for me is to use cookies as well as oil. This is because the oil is absorbed right away; but it also has a shorter half life in the dogs body. The cookies have a slower uptake, because the body has to break it down in the stomach first. However, as it takes longer to absorb it also takes longer to leave their systems. This is good because it will provide a longer timeframe for relieving issues. Just as finding the right type of CBD is important for your dog, so is finding the right product. If they won’t take it easily, it will make your life a lot harder.

What to look for in a company making CBD products for dogs

The next thing to really look at is the company behind the product. In my experience there are a lot of companies that just rebrand a product as their own. I only found this after I tried many different cbd products, and realized that a large majority had no change on her issues. So if you are looking at a product I always suggest seeing what you can find out about a company. The more information they have the better it is. If you go and find their site and it is only a page or two, probably not a great sign. If you can’t find any reviews online… also not a good sign.

So take the time to look into the people behind the product before you buy any. I suggest looking at their site, seeing if there are real reviews online, and contacting their support. Ask some questions, and you will see the people behind what you are hoping to help your dog with.

Are all dog CBDs the same?

As you can see above there are a lot of variables in dog cbd products. From types of cbd, to types of products there is a huge range. Another aspect that also goes into the product is the source. And while not many companies will give you their secret sauce it is something to keep in mind. Just like some people swear by Coca Cola or Pepsi, each product will have its own unique recipe. So what does this mean to you and your dog? This means that while one companies product might not do anything, there is no reason to give up. I have tried probably 30 different brands and in my experience there were only two that made noticeable differences. These two are Apawthecary and Furbabies. Both of these ones made huge differences to her quality of life and that is why I suggest trying them out.

What can CBD do for dogs?

Whenever a new product shows up to a market there is always that first bit where it is overwhelming. While CBD can help a lot of things there are also things that it can’t help with. The most popular things that it can help with is to reduce stress/anxiety in dogs and neurological issues. I have personally seen both of these aspects with my little one. This does not mean that it will help every single dog but there is a chance that it can help.

Other things that CBD has been seen to help dogs with are as follow:

  • eye issues
  • dementia
  • chronic pain
  • arthritis
  • loss of energy
  • cancer
  • osteoporosis
  • stomach issues like irritable bowel syndrome and other things
  • turning back the hands of time

So while that list is huge, it includes the things that people have seen CBD help their dogs with. Whenever you are dealing with health issues it is always best to speak to your Vet to see the courses of action that can be taken. There is no benefit from hiding using CBD from your vet. If they don’t want you to use it then you can ask them why. If there is no logical reason it might be good to get a second opinion.

CBD can be a helpful addition to a dogs life to improve their overall quality of life. It also has a low chance of interacting with other medicines, so can be used in combination with pharmaceuticals. Our vet had a couple options regarding anti-seizure medicines, but some had some serious side effects. This is why we went down the CBD route, and are happy we did.

How to start the cbd journey with your dog

As with most things in life it is best to take it slow. While it is tempting to give your dog a full dose day 1, patience is the key. Like spicy food, you can always make something spicier. But if you have ever loaded something up with way too much hot sauce, you already know. It is impossible to undo too much, but easy to add a bit more. This again goes back to trusting the manufacturer of the cbd product and your vet.

Read what is suggested and start on the lower side of the dosage. Give it a couple of hours and if you don’t notice anything you can increase it. The key to CBD is if you are treating an ongoing issue that is always present, you should try to be consistent with dosing. The better you can keep to a schedule the better the results will be. For my little one I give her the oil and crushed treats every 4 hours. Prior to incorporating the treats with the oil it was every two hours.

Can dogs overdose on CBD?

While everywhere online says that CBD can’t really be overdosed to the point of killing a dog. It is never good to test that theory out. This is why we always say to go slow and steady when starting out. Even when trying out different brands. Although the milligrams per milliliter might say its the same, you never know how it will interact with your dog. If your dog has a bit too much, they will just get a bit sleepy. If they have a lot too much, they might throw up or have other stomach issues. This is why it best to increase the dosage amount slowly. No one likes a zombie dog, or one that is throwing up everywhere. The goal is to help them not make them feel worse right!

Will CBD work for every dog?

CBD is a chemical that is taken into the body of a dog, human, cat or anything else that can process it. While it can help with a lot of issues, there are chances that it might not help with your dogs issue. Every body is different so it is impossible to say that if you take CBD it will help, or cure a disease. Even drugs that are tested and standardized have a chance of not working. This is why there are so many different drugs on the market today. While some people swear by Aspirin, others feel nothing. Tylenol might help others while it might do nothing for someone else. This is why we suggest not giving up if you don’t see the results you are after. Either try to increase the dosage a bit, or try another brand or version of the product.

Final thoughts on CBD for dogs

At this blog we try to give you as much information as possible regarding CBD and dogs. This is to inform you of the info that will guide you to the best results with your dog. As every dog, and every dog issue, is different there isn’t going to be a one size fits all solution. Due to this all you can do is your best. And for us that is trying all the oils to get a result that makes my little ones life better.

There is a chance that your dogs issue won’t be fixed by CBD. But there is also a chance that it can be , and for us the risk versus reward was worth it. If you have any questions about anything on the site, just send us an email. As we know the helpless feeling of trying to figure out what is best for our little one. Only to be staring at 10 different bottles of oil with different names, brands , and dosages on them. It can be very daunting, especially when something is going wrong in their bodies. But our goal is to make your life as easy as possible when it comes to finding the right CBD for you and your dog(s). And of course with any post about our experiences, an image of Gwibby will be included !

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