Canna-Pet Capsules Advanced Large 60 Capsules Full Review

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Introduction to Canna Pet Capusles

CBD is a helpful supplement for dogs of all sizes. It contains medicinal properties that can relieve them of anxiety, pain, and more. These are safe to consume every day and can be given in various ways.

Who is Canna-Pet?

Canna-Pet is an American CBD company which is known for their all-organic products that are well-supported by research. Through this, they ensure the effectiveness of their blends which mainly comes from hemp. In total they have produced more than 40 million CBD oils, treats, and capsules since their launch.

They take a purely medicinal approach to CBD. Their aim to separate the recreational image usually attached to cannabis. They utilize most of the nutritional content of hemp such as CBD, terpenes, and flavonoids.

Canna-Pets utilize a vegetarian approach for their products which are made from all natural and human grade ingredients. They have lab certifications which prove the high-quality of their manufacturing process.

Canna-Pet Capsules Advanced Large 60 Capsules product info

Canna-Pet offer a variety of capsule choices which depend on the size of the dog. The capsules we will review are made for dogs over the size of 20 pounds or 9 kg. It contains 60 capsules which can be used for a full month if you give twice a day. We found its value to match its price.

The capsules come in a small black bottle that is labeled with a clean and minimal look. It comes with instructions on how to use it, a complete list of ingredients, and contact details of the company. Through this, many first-time users won’t have difficulties in using it. The capsules have a green color that gives it an organic and all-natural look. 

The pills can be given to dogs by opening it and then mixing its contents with their food. You can also purchase or create pill pockets to encourage them to eat it. Finally, you can also mix it with some liquid and make your pet drink it. By training them to be calm and relaxed while giving it, they will be used to consuming it every day.

What is Canna-pet’s blend?

Canna-pet uses a broad-spectrum blend for their products.

This means that it incorporates most of the ingredients found in the hemp plant found in its leaves, stalks, and seeds. Through this, hemp terpenes and flavonoids are included in the mix. These natural compounds are known to have antioxidant properties. It can also make healing faster, improve the immune system, and more.

This blend makes the CBD more effective because of the “entourage effect”. This property of hemp makes it healthier when all of the compounds are ingested since each of these have interactions with each other.

Even with this blend, your dog will not feel “high”. Owners should know that CBD is not psychoactive even if it comes from cannabis.

The compound responsible for this is THC. For CBD used for medicinal purposes, THC is kept at levels lower than 0.3% which is insignificant and incapable of causing any sensations for both pets and humans. Because of this, there is no need to worry about making your dog lethargic or lazy.

Benefits of Canna-pet’s Capsules

The instructions of the capsules advise 1 to 2 capsules for dogs up to 43 kg or 95 lbs. This can be increased up to three capsules if they are heavier than that. This can be given every twelve hours.

If the instructions are properly followed, your dog can get the following benefits:

·Pain – The capsules can lessen the pain sensitivity of dogs. Because of this, they will less any of the chronic pains they may have (usually because of arthritis).

·Inflammation – The pain from joint and muscle diseases will also be reduced as CBD can help reduce inflammations. This also extends to that of the skin, which in turn, speeds up its healing and improves the condition of their coat.

·Anxiety – The capsules have interactions with the receptors and neurotransmitters of the brain. Through this, dogs can have less anxiety.

· Seizures – These can also lessen the uncontrollable twitches and jerks they have because of epilepsies. It also lessens the occurrence of these episodes.

Customer reviews of Canna-Pet

Many gave the product a perfect five star according to their website.

Many report that their older dogs became more active after regularly being given this. This is because they feel less pain which makes them more energetic. This also results in a better mood and playfulness from them.

Many are also complementing the customer service of the company, citing that they are very responsive to their questions. We particularly compliment this as CBD companies should thoroughly explain how their products work given the confusion that still surrounds it.

Where are Canna-pet’s products available?

Currently, Canna-pet’s products can only be bought in USA states where it is legal to possess CBD. In these states, you can purchase it without any medical prescriptions because it is safe and non-recreational.

If you want to purchase CBD while in Canada, there are many local companies which produce products of similar quality for pets. We have done a bunch of reviews for the best cbd oil for dogs in Canada.


Canna-Pet’s capsules are recommendable because they offer good value for its price and can last for a whole month even when used for large dogs. The product contains adequate instructions and labelling which prove the high-quality of its ingredients.

It is highly praised by customers which said that its benefits were quickly seen in their dogs. This includes lessening chronic pain, improving their mood, and relieving them of anxiety. If you have moved up to Canada or are just visiting there are a lot of great products up here that can provide very similar benefits.

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