Can you use CBD oil to help anxious dogs?

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Introduction to using CBD to reduce your dogs anxiety

Dogs are one of the best pets to have if you want energy inside your house. Unfortunately, they may also have too much of this sometimes. If they are already trained and comfortable in your house but still display hyperactivity, hostility, and difficulty with meeting strangers, they may be suffering from anxiety.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is a compound that is gathered from the cannabis hemp plant. While it is related to marijuana, it is not directly a form of it. When used for dogs, its contents are controlled to ensure that they will only get an appropriate amount of it.

The CBD compound can interact with the endocannabinoid system of dogs, a part of the body that is also found in humans, cats, and other animals. This then interacts with the receptors of their nervous system. Through this, its benefits can be felt.

One of the main benefits of CBD is to treat the anxiety of dogs. Dogs who experience anxiety are mostly those who are rescued from abusive homes, those who are not properly trained to socialize with other dogs, and some who are genetically predisposed to have this.

Should you use CBD for your dogs anxiety?

CBD is a natural compound that can be given to them without prescription. Its contents are mild enough to not cause their personalities and activity level to change but effective for treating their anxiety.

Dogs who receive CBD will be less stressed and anxious which can make them more energetic and friendly. Some owners also report their dogs being more friendly to other dogs. It does not strip them off their personality that makes them unique, but rather, lessens their emotions that can make them volatile and impulsive. Because of this, CBD is advised for all dogs. Here is a great video Vice did to explain how your dog can relax by using cannabis oil. Please note that cannabis oil will contain CBD but we generally suggest looking for CBD oil specifically labelled as such:

Relaxing your dog with hemp oil

Is CBD safe for my dog?

Because CBD is gathered from a cannabis plant, some may think that it can cause them to be “high”, euphoric, or confused which are symptoms usually attributed to humans who use marijuana.

However, CBD oil for dogs is very different from simply smoking the marijuana plant. This is because its contents are controlled to have less than 0.3% of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. This compound is the one that can cause the psychoactive reactions for dogs. Because of this, its contents are lessened to be insignificant enough for dogs to not receive any effects from this even if the CBD is taken in high levels.

Also, not all CBD oil comes from marijuana ether. Some can come from hemp plants. Some other CBD chemicals can actually be found in other plants as well. This s why we are pretty sure it is correct to say that CBD is safe for dogs. As long as you follow the correct dosing amounts, and not go crazy with it you should be fine. There is always a chance that dogs might have an allergy to something in the oil, but this is why we suggest starting on the lowest dosing size possible.

Are there side effects for dogs when using CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid. The body naturally produces endocannabinoids. Because of this, it is not new to their body.

However, taking it manually for the first time may cause their body to adjust first. Because of this, CBD should be slowly introduced for their body. Over days of regular use, you can then continue to increase the dose until you finally notice their anxiety to be reduced.

If you accidentally give them too much CBD, they may become too sleepy because of being too relaxed. They may also become dehydrated and have bowel irritation. The good news is that CBD is easy to control.

Which CBD should I use for my dog?

There are many CBD products for dogs. The most popular one is CBD oil which comes in a bottle with its own dropper. Because of its liquid form, it is easy to directly drop it in their mouth or to mix it with their food. It also travels their bloodstream faster, and therefore, becomes easy to process for their bodies.

However, anxious dogs are also harder to convince to open their mouths for you to feed them the CBD. Some dogs may not also finish their meals completely which gives them an inadequate dose.

Because of this, there are CBD dog treats. Each piece of this is mixed with about 3 mg of CBD oil. It is also mixed with a flavoring which tastes and smells like beef, wild boar, or other flavors that many dogs like. These forms are easier to give for owners. The only downside is that, because of its solid form, it may take some time for their body to process it as it needs to be digested properly in their stomach first. If you are having issues getting your dog to take the CBD oil we suggest you look at cbd treats. We have done a list of the best cbd dog treats in Canada for dogs, so take a look over there if you want more info.

How long does CBD take to relax a dog?

As stated earlier, CBD is best introduced slowly to allow their body to adjust first. Even with this, CBD still acts fast which is why you can expect it to work within hours of giving it. If you decide to use CBD oils to relax your dog it should be absorbed within 30 minutes. There are a lot of variables, like if they’ve eaten recently, the type of carrier oils etc. If you give them CBD in a physical form like hemp treats, then it will take a while longer to absorb into their system.

Signs that CBD is helping your dog

The signs that the CBD is lessening your dogs anxiety includes:

  • Less aggression
  • Friendlier behavior to strangers
  • Less unnecessary barking
  • Being more energetic yet not destructive or impulsive

CBD is recommended to be given regularly if you are dealing with a behavioral correction. It can also be used temporarily in case the dog is expected to be brought to an environment which can cause anxiety such as a party with loud noises and many strangers.

Final thoughts on using CBD oil to calm your dog

CBD is very effective for treating anxiety in dogs. It works by lessening by interacting with their endocannabinoid system which then regulates the nervous system. Through this, they become less impulsive, aggressive, and restless.

CBD can also be used for lessening seizures, chronic pain, and more which is why it is a good health booster for all dogs.

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