Can you give your dog too much CBD ?

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Although CBD oil is a relative newcomer to the world of pet’s health and fitness products, it managed to quickly rise to the top of its category. Lots of people flock to this new and exciting product that promises to give lots of benefits to their dogs.

And since you stumbled upon this article, it is highly likely that you have browsed around the internet looking for all the information that you can find about CBD oil. From what you can gather, your dogs could certainly reap lots of benefits by regularly using it.

So the only thing that you need to know now is whether or not CBD oil is truly safe for your dogs. After all, CBD comes from none other than the infamous hemp. Does it mean there’s a chance that your dogs could overdose when consuming CBD oil? This brief article will answer those questions for you.

Is CBD safe to use for dogs?

Yes, it is safe to give CBD to your dogs. CBD is one of the main compounds found within the plant known as cannabis and hemp. However, you don’t need to worry as it won’t give any psychoactive effect on your dogs. The one that could do that is the other main compound in cannabis called THC.

The advantages of using CBD both for physical and mental health has been known for decades. Unfortunately, for the longest time, the main reason why CBD was not widely used or accepted was because of the bad effect that THC could give to the brain of those who consume it.

But since scientists have successfully developed a way to efficiently extract the CBD, harvest its benefits, and use it to help improve the lives of many people, the US federal government finally legalized the use of CBD on both humans and animals recently. Not only that, even the FDA approved and recommended CBD on certain diseases like epilepsy.

Can dogs overdose on CBD oil?

If you give the CBD oil to your dogs according to the proper dosage, then all is good. As a matter of fact, the overall physical and mental health of your dogs should improve. But what would happen if you give too much CBD to your dogs? Can your dog overdose on CBD oil?

Short answer, yes it is possible. Real life answer … no, CBD oil won’t cause an overdose to dogs. If your dogs consume too much of it. If a dog has a bit too much they might get wobbly, dizzy, or more tired than normal. Now if they have way too much they might throw up or have an accident. In a worse case situation they could get sick but that would likely happen is there will be an increased concentration of THC spread within your dog’s system. This is why it is so important to find good quality products from good producers. Although most pet oils and treats try to have as little THC as possible, there is a chance that if you are buying a lesser quality product it might have more THC than expected.

In proper use, this trace amount of THC won’t cause anything bad to your dog. But the more your dogs consume the CBD oil at the same time, the more the THC will build up inside their system. This will inevitably lead to a mild case of THC poisoning, which will require professional attention and care.


CBD oil would bring lots of benefits to your dogs both in terms of their physical health and mental health. Giving it regularly to your dogs would certainly result in an overall increase in their quality of life. That being said, you should remember to give it to them based on the proper dosage.

CBD oil has been proven to be safe and won’t cause overdose when given to dogs. But if you somehow give too much CBD oil to your dogs on one serving, it will cause a build up of THC within your dog’s system.

This will lead to a mild THC poisoning. That’s why you should always consult with your trusted vet first before you give CBD, or any other supplements, to your dogs. And make sure to follow the proper dosage.

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