Can dogs take too much CBD ?

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Intro to avoiding giving your dog too much cbd

There has been numerous discussion and elaboration regarding the benefits of giving products based on CBDs to your dogs. By now, the facts about what CBD can do for your dogs has been properly established.

The curiosity and the demands of the consumer when it comes to CBD seems to only increase everyday. So do the different kinds of CBD products that you can get. No matter what kind of pets that you have, there’s likely to be a CBD product for them.

Unfortunately we’re not as vocal about the safety and any possible risk of CBD to dogs and their owners as we are about its benefits. And that is precisely the topic that this brief article will cover. Hopefully by the end of this article, you’ll gain a better understanding of what are the possible risks of giving CBD to your dogs.

Is CBD safe to use for dogs?

Yes, it is indeed very safe for dogs to consume CBD. It has been proven by various studies that the effect of CBD to both humans and animals would only last from the moment it was consumed to several hours at most. After that, it will no longer be in you or your dog’s system.

And that is what makes it safe to use. Unlike other kinds of compounds that would still linger in the body or even worse, create negative side effects after consumption, CBD would only get in, do what it is supposed to do, and leave.

Most of these positive traits have to do with the fact that CBD is a naturally occurring compound. So unlike prescription drugs that were chemically synthesized in a lab, CBD is a natural and organic remedy. Pure CBD oil might be processed further to make it into various derivative products, but even then, it won’t lose its natural traits that make it safe to consume.

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Can dogs get too much CBD and what happens if they do?

Now that we’ve established that CBD is safe for your dogs, the next question would certainly be how much is too much. In the case of CBD, there’s no such thing as too much. You can give as much CBD as you want to your dogs and it won’t bring any bad side effects to them. They won’t overdose.

But do keep in mind that no adverse effect does not mean it’s good to do so. Because while too much CBD won’t cause any physical harm to your dogs, it will still give them some undesirable effect. An example of too much CBD would be overly calm dogs who might not have any desire to move at all.

That’s why you should always keep in mind the dosage of the CBD that you give to your dogs. Too much of a good thing won’t always lead to an equally good thing. You could experiment with the consumption frequency, but be sure to only give as much as needed.

When can CBD be dangerous to dogs?

So yes, you can’t endanger your dog’s health by giving them too much CBD. But that only applied to certain CBD. Please bear in mind the fact that there are different types of CBDs. Based on its potency, CBD is divided into a full spectrum CBD, broad spectrum CBD, and isolate CBD.

Full spectrum CBD has the highest potency of them all. This one is good if your dogs have a chronic or at least a serious illness. Broad spectrum comes second. This one should be good enough for everyday use. The last one is isolate CBD. This is the best option if your dogs are somewhat sensitive to the compound.

So what makes full spectrum CBD have such a high potency rate? The answer is THC. Full spectrum CBD emulates how the compounds occur in nature, and that means the combination of CBD, THC and other minor cannabinoids. And THC is the one that you should be wary of. Because while CBD is safe, THC could become toxic for your dogs.

The best thing that you can do for your dogs is to try your best to get a good quality product. By starting with a good product, you reduce the risk of many issues. This is why we have put together our list of the top cbd oils for dogs in Canada. So if you want our opinion take a look at our list.

What happens if dogs get too much THC

For the most part, you’d only be able to buy a full spectrum CBD that has 0.3% of THC or less in the market. Any more than that is now allowed by the government. And for regular use, that amount should be fine. It could even be beneficial for your dogs to use it.

But if you give too much full-spectrum CBD per serving, then there’s a risk of the THC accumulating in your dog’s system. Unlike human’s body, dogs have a low tolerance to THC. Too much of it and it will induce what is known as THC poisoning.

Different dogs might have different reactions to THC poisoning, but there are still several similar symptoms that you can spot easily. Some of them are excessive vomiting, Unsteady footing or movement, becoming overly inactive, digestive issues, etc.


You can give as much CBD as you want to your dogs. It won’t induce any health risk or affect them in any negative way. That being said, you should be mindful of full-spectrum CBD due to the THC within it. If you notice any possible THC poisoning symptoms on your dogs, make sure to visit the nearest vet as soon as possible.

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