Can CBD help my dog sleep better?

getting a good sleep is important
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Introduction to using CBD oil for better dog sleeps

Sleep is an integral part of life for any animal, and that includes our pet dog. After all, this time is when their body recovers from the stress and exhaustion from day-to-day activities. In fact, dogs spend about 12 hours every day just sleeping.

However, they may start to have difficulties sleeping as a result of some diseases. This is because they feel more uncomfortable which leads to restlessness and inconsistent sleep quality. While some may have this mainly as a result of relocating to a new house, some may show these symptoms for months. Once this happens, their existing conditions may become worse because they have less time for recovery.

For this, we suggest seeing if CBD can help. The whole goal is to get a good sleep just like this guy:

sleepy silver bulldog
Having dreams of infinite treats

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is a plant-based supplement that is harvested from the hemp plant. It is safe for dogs because it does not have THC. With this, dogs will not become “high” after consuming CBD. It is guaranteed to be beneficial by actual research. It was also recommended by many satisfied customers who said that it helped a lot in making their dog have their old energy back. In fact, CBD is also used for humans for the same reason.

How can CBD help dogs to sleep?

CBD interacts with the receptors in the dog’s nervous system. Through this, it can help relax their muscles, lessen their sensitivity to pain, and reduce their anxieties. Through the following, they can have better sleep quality:

1. Less muscle pain

Many older dogs suffer from neurodegenerative disorders and arthritis. This is inevitable especially for some breeds who are predisposed to this. Some also have inborn defects that cause them to be in pain constantly. This can be seen by having difficulties doing their regular activities. They may also start limping and whining. CBD can help in lessening these inflammations and reducing the pain that they feel.

Through this, many dogs will have less pain when lying down during the night. This is especially true if you pair CBD with a comfortable bed for them.

2. Reducing anxiety

Some dogs are more anxious than others. This is especially if they were rescued from abusive homes or have traumatic experiences. If they are anxious, they become jumpier when hearing loud noises. They may shiver, yawn, whine, and bury their heads incessantly when alarming stimuli are seen such as music, fireworks, and strangers.

CBD has been seen to be effective in regulating their emotions. Through this, they become more capable of controlling their fear. The best part is that it does not strip them off of their personalities, and on the contrary, allows them to show more of it as they are less anxious. This can also make them more receptive to training. So if you are wondering if CBD can help lower anxiety in dogs, you are in luck as that is one of the most common things that get treated for our furry friends. Here is a great video explaining how one owner has seen good benefits regarding CBD and reducing anxiety in their dogs

CBD for dogs with anxiety

3. Reduce allergies

Dogs also experience a variety of allergies brought by different factors such as heat, food, pollen, dust, and more. Once this happens, their skin becomes inflamed and itches. It also makes it hard for them to sleep as they will continuously scratch their skin. 

As mentioned, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties for dogs and humans alike. This can help in lessening the intensity of their hives. Through this, they can sleep better as they will have no itch to scratch.

4. Help with their bowels

Dog stool and their frequency of defecation are good indicators of their health. Sometimes, they suffer from bowel inflammation as a result of parasites, food poisoning, or difficulty in their stomach for digesting. Once this happens, their stool becomes less firm, they start vomiting, and they experience pain in their stomachs.

Because it is usually an inflammation in their bowels, CBD can help in reducing these symptoms. Through this, they can catch up on their sleep as they need to get up less. They will also feel less pain.

5. Reduce seizures

Many dogs are born with epilepsy which makes them have seizures when triggered by heat or exhaustion. Some also have seizures as a result of dehydration or injury to the head. While this is not lethal, it can be exhausting for them. They can also hurt themselves if they accidentally bump into something when they have an episode. This is a result of having abnormal electrical activity in their brain. This can also happen while they are sleeping.

CBD has been scientifically proven to be helpful in managing seizures. It can lessen the times it happens and also its intensity. This is because of its anticonvulsant properties.

Factors to consider when giving CBD to your dog

If you have decided to use CBD to improve your dog’s sleep, consider some factors first to get the best value for your money.

First is the blend of CBD. A full-spectrum blend is the most potent and most effective in treating symptoms. The only downside is its strong grass flavor and its stronger dose which makes it hard to dose appropriately. The broad-spectrum and CBD isolate blends are less potent but are still effective for improving sleep. They also have a less grassy flavor which makes it easier to consume for dogs.

Because it is a relatively new industry, many CBD companies offer a lot of ways to contact them for inquiries. Through this, tell them about your dog’s problem in sleeping to get advice on the perfect dose to give. You may also refer to the instructions provided in the packaging to get an idea on how to measure it in ratio to the dog’s weight.

Final thoughts on using CBD to get a better nights sleep for your dog

CBD can help in improving a dog’s sleep as a result of lessening the symptoms of chronic pain, anxiety, seizures, and more. Through this, they will have more time for recovery. This can also improve their mood and make them return back to their youthful energy. While we don’t use it for sleep specifically we have seen it to help in relax our little one after a seizure. This is why we put the blog together , so we can help to share what we have had to learn through trial and error. So if you are looking for the best cbd oils in Canada for dogs, please take a look at our list as we have tried a lot of them.

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