Can cbd help keep your dogs paws?

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Introduction to paw products for dogs

There are so many different products that can help your dogs no matter what their problems are. Be it their fur, their muscle, their appetite, their teeth, there’s a treatment for every part of their body. But there is one particular part that is rarely mentioned, which is their paws.

Pet owners become aware of anything that might be wrong with their dogs through what they can see. But most of the time, dog’s paws are hidden from our eyes. That’s why if we see them limping, the first thing that we will check are their feet, not their paws. So by the time we notice that the problem is their paws all along, it’s already too late. 

So why should you take care of your dog’s paws? How to prevent your dogs from injuring their paws? What kind of products can you use for your dog’s paws? Those are the kind of questions that we will answer in this article. So be sure to read all the way to the end. 

Why it is better to protect than to treat your dogs paws

The paws are the first point of contact between your dogs and the ground beneath them. They are the cushions that allow dogs to run freely wherever they want. In a way, the paws are the perfect shoes for every dog. 

After all, the size and the shape of a paw is always proportional to the dogs. Bigger dogs will have bigger paws, while different breeds of dogs will have different shapes of paws. Other than as a shoe, a dog’s paw also acts as their cushioning. Paws will ensure that dogs have a smooth landing every time they jump.

As a land animal, paws are pretty much the one thing that allows dogs to do whatever they want. Take that away from them, and they pretty much become a cripple. It is akin to cutting our own foot. So why should you take care of your dog’s paws? The answer is because your dogs will be helpless without it.

What are the common causes of injury on dog’s paws?

The most common cause of injury on dog’s paws comes from their day to day activity. More often than not, dogs are impulsive and hyperactive. They are the type of animals that will move first and think about the consequences later. That’s why it is highly likely that your dogs will step on a piece of shattered glass or sharp rocks. And those sharp objects can easily pierce through their paws. 

Other common causes for paws related injuries are the weather. Walking on top of the hot pavement during hot summer days can easily burn their feet. Likewise, the cold winter can also cause itchy and cracking pads. 

Both of these incidents can cause anything from slight discomfort to downright life-threatening. The severity of the injury depends on numerous variables. But even the mildest injury can make it hard for your dogs to walk around. While serious injury will make them unable to move for a long period of time. 

How to prevent your dogs from injuring their paws?

So what can you do to prevent such a dangerous thing from happening? Well, the answer lies mostly with you as the pet owners. You should always stay vigilant and pay attention to any changes in your dog’s behavior.

If you notice your dog’s having a hard time walking around, you should immediately check their paws. Because even minor injuries can turn serious if you leave it alone for too long. You should also pay attention to their surroundings. At the very least make sure there’s no shattered glass or any other sharp objects lying on the floor.

As mentioned before, your dog’s paws can also suffer injury during extreme weather. That’s why you should always check their paws after they play around in the summer or winter. And make sure to regularly clean their paws as well. But there is actually one other step that you can take to protect your dog’s paws. And that is by using products specially aimed for protecting paws. Here is a great quick video that goes over protecting your little ones paws:

Keep your little ones paws safe with these tips

Paw products for your dog

When it comes to products made to protect and treat your dog’s paws, they can be divided into two categories. The first one is medicinal products that can act as a way to treat injured paws and keep them healthy. The second one is some kind of apparel that can act as a sort of protection for your dogs. 

Most of the medicinal ones come in the form of a balm or an ointment. Each brand has their own unique blend and ingredients. But the majority of them have something that can soothe the paws and heal any minor injuries.

As for the apparel ones, there are a lot of variations that you can get. There’s something that can work like a sock. There’s something that you can put on your dog’s paws and act as their shoes. And there’s also some sort of sheets that you can stick on the pads. You should experiment with this one to find which one that your dogs like the most.

What hemp products can do for your dog’s paws?

One of the popular ingredients for the balm made for dog’s paws is hemp. Hemp is more commonly known for its effects on the nervous system. But not many people know that hemp is also great for the skin. This type of hemp product usually comes in the form of hemp salves. 

Hemp salves are the only hemp products that are meant to be used topically. All other hemp-based products work from within the body. But hemp salves are always meant to be used for external problems. It can help kill the bacteria on the skin and initiate the healing process. Certain brands even have some additional ingredients in the salves that make it feel soothing for your dogs.

Furbabies hemp salves for dog’s paws

If you want to go for the medicinal solution for your dog’s paws, then here’s a recommendation for you. Furbabies hemp salves for dogs. Furbabies is a Vancouver-based company that has been making hemp-based products for a long time. Their products are available for dogs, cats, and also horses. 

Furbabies have numerous hemp products for pets, such as hemp oil and hemp treats. But most of them are for internal problems. Their solution for external problems, such as for injured paws is the Furbabies hemp salves. 

The previous section already explores a bit into how hemp salves can help with injured paws. Furbabies take it one step further. Their product contains a unique blend of hemp oil, coconut oil, beeswax, hypericum, vitamin E, and several other ingredients. These ingredients can help speed up the healing process and protect the paws at the same time. 

Conclusion to paw products for dogs

Paws are one of the most neglected body parts in dogs. An injured paw means your dogs won’t be able to do anything for an extended period of time. That’s why you should stay vigilant and always pay close attention to your dogs. 

There are several products that you can use to protect and heal your dog’s paws. You can use medicinal balms or protective pieces of clothing for their paws. And if you decide to go with the topical medicine, then you won’t go wrong with hemp salves from Furbabies.

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