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Introduction to how to buy the right CBD oil for your dog

We have all been in that place, the one where you have an issue with your dog and someone says why don’t you try cbd oil? Or , “CBD worked great for me so it should work for you.” As CBD becomes more and more mainstream so will the apparent uses for it. But the reality is that CBD is no different than any other supplement. Some things that work for one person, or dog, might not work for another. As we have seen time and time again in history, where there is money there are people looking to make a quick buck from it. CBD is no different and the number of companies seems to grow by leaps and bounds everyday.

However, even with the growth that we are seeing in the CBD area the truth is that it does still work. There are different types of blends, different additives, different carrier oils, and lots of other things that determine how it will work. We will go over every aspect of CBD oil that you need to know about , explain them, and hopefully help you understand what you want to buy to fix your issues, ( or your dogs issues.)

What is CBD?

CBD is an abbreviation of cannabidiol, which is one of the active ingredients in marijuana. Now don’t get all excited about the marijuana aspect, because CBD can be found in other plants. We just used marijuana as an example. Hemp is a relative of marijuana that usually has more cbd in it. It is almost an inverse relationship, as marijuana has THC with some CBD, while Hemp has more CBD and less than .3% THC.

So now we know where CBD comes from, what does it actually do? If you listen to the news you will hear that CBD can help you with everything. But the truth is that it probably can’t. Anyone who tells you CBD can fix everything just wants your money.

So now that we know what CBD is, and where it can come from we are good to go? Well, let’s see the other plants that can contain CBD related chemicals.

Other plants that have CBD in them

While learning about CBD for my own dogs use I came across an article that explained the other plants that contain CBD. The funny thing is, when you read the list you realize that these plants have been used since the beginning of time to help humans. These plants contain cannabinoids, which are additional chemicals that are usually found in cannabis plants. The plants that include cbd are:

  • Echinacea
  • Black Truffles
  • Black Pepper
  • Electric Daisy
  • Kava
  • Japanese Liverwort
  • Sunflowers
Yellow sunflowers against a blue sky
Nice open sunflowers
  • Tea plants
  • Chinese Rhododendron
  • Broccoli
  • Ginseng
Echinacea plant blooming with purple petals
echinacea plant in bloom

So while we usually think of CBD relating to marijuana/pot, or hemp plants there are a lot of plants that contain chemicals that are similar and can help.

Types of CBD blends

So we know what CBD is, and where it can come from. Now we need to figure out the different ways that it can come blended. Don’t be fooled by fancy marketing words or anything like that. It is actually very simple, as there are three bases for the blends that we can get CBD in. These blends are:

CBD isolate

CBD isolate is exactly what it sounds like. It is pure cbd, isolated from anything else. When you get the pure isolate you might think that it is the best thing. We are always taught that the purer the better, which is why we see different advertisements advising 100% fat free, or other claims. But the truth is that we don’t like isolates very much.

The reason is that CBD can work on its own, but has a better chance when it has other chemicals in with them. For some people who are afraid , or restricted from THC, this might be a good option. However, if it comes down to anything legal or work related, we don’t advise taking any supplements as there is a chance somehow that THC found its way in. It generally isn’t worth the risk, but at the end of the day that is your own persona decision.

Broad spectrum CBD

The next type is broad spectrum CBD. This is what its name implies, in that it covers a broad range of the CBD related chemicals. However, broad spectrum CBD generally has 0 THC in it. The same warning applies as above that if you are worried about THC, don’t count on it being 0%. The advantage that broad spectrum has over isolate is that it has a wider net to try to help. Where isolate would be very precision based in its possible fixes, broad spectrum will have a wider range of possibly helping your dogs issues.

Full spectrum CBD

The final type is called full spectrum cbd, which might sound similar to broad spectrum with one twist. This blend does contain some THC by design. Now while we have all heard that THC is bad for dogs etc. we must realize that the full spectrum uses keep the THC very low. Just as broad spectrum leaves a bigger net of things it can try to fix, Full spectrum will have the biggest net. This is why we always suggest looking for this type when starting with CBD products. We have had the most success with this when treating our dogs seizures and this is why we say that it is the best place to start.

What is the entourage effect?

While your mind might jump to the popular tv series with Vincent Chase and his buddies there is in fact something other than the tv show that we are talking about. It was a good show, don’t get me wrong, but the truth is that this entourage aspect is much more important.

During research they have found that CBD does best with a bit of THC involved. This is because the chemicals work in synergy, which basically means they work well with each other. Just like in math, with synergy it is working at a better rate. So in this case CBD + THC = Good. Now the other thing to keep in mind is that although we have been researching these chemicals for a while, there are still way more to be found. This is why the full spectrum blends might work the best. So while we know of CBD, CBN, CBG and others there are many that we haven’t identified. For more information as to how the entourage effect works with CBD take a read on that link.

Who makes the product?

So we know what the types of CBD there are available out there, other plants that contain CBD and the entourage effect. So what is next?

That is to find someone to buy the products from, which is no easy task. Type CBD into Google and you will get millions of options. When we typed CBD in we got 3,300,000 results… so how can we know where to get the product from. As with any products you want to research the company you might buy from.

Take a look at their website, does it look like it was made with thought… or by a 5 year old? Does it look like they make their own products, or have lots of random ones that seem to be relabeled. What are the reviews from past users? Do they accept credit cards? Do they have a real store front, or even an address listed? These are all questions that you should be looking for before you buy anything, not even CBD specific products.

What type of CBD products are best for your dog?

Alright, we know the type of CBD blend we want. We know what to look for from a store, what is the next thing? The next thing you want to decide is how you will get your dog to take the CBD product. We have seen the growth of pet specific CBD products grow, but the majority break down to these three types of cbd products for dogs.

CBD oil for dogs

This is the classic as it was one of the first ways to get cbd oil for anyone or any pet. At its core it is CBD that is suspended in an oil. Now you don’t have to worry about this clogging arteries or anything like that, as most of the time the carrier oil is coconut or a derivative. Many places use MCT oil, aka medium-chain triglycerides , which usually comes from coconuts but can also come from palm kernel oil. If there is a choice, we would suggest coconut. The reason that an oil is used is because it carries the CBD into the bloodstream the fastest. This is also because CBD oil is not water soluble, so it must be kept in a liquid form that includes oil.

coconut and oils around
MCT and one of its origin, coconuts

Pros of CBD in oil form

  • Easy to dose correctly as it usually comes with a dropper bottle
  • Can easily be flavored
  • Can be put on top of treats or mixed in with food
  • Usually the best value when buying CBD
  • Quickly absorbed into the body

Cons of CBD in oil form

  • Can be a bit messy
  • the oil might be wasted if put onto treats or food and it falls off
  • Not as practical to take out on hikes or on trips
  • Is generally metabolized faster, so a shorter time for benefits

CBD treats for dogs

Just as the name implies these are treats that have CBD in them. Some people like to make their own at home, and some like to buy them but at the end of the day it is just the form that they come in. The thing that does make them a bit different is that some cbd dog treats will actually have hemp hearts, or other physical aspects of hemp in them. This is actually good because the body takes a bit of time to break down the physical cbd carrying ingredients, they will stay in the body and deliver the benefits for a while longer than straight oils.

The other benefit to these treats is that you can put a bunch in your pocket, versus carrying an oil bottle around with you. The downside is that they can be more expensive when compared to the cbd amounts in oil. This is simply because there is additional ingredients and steps to make these treats.

dog in their bed waiting for a treat
treat time, with the benefits of cbd

Pros of CBD dog treats

  • Longer duration of benefits
  • Easy to carry with you
  • Dogs love treats so getting them to eat them might be easier

Cons of CBD dog treats

  • More expensive, generally speaking, than CBD oil
  • Take longer to get the benefits of CBD into your dogs system
  • Can have a shorter shelf life than oils

CBD Dog foods

This is one that is coming out to the market as we speak, as there are many companies looking to add CBD to dog foods. This will be great, because as long as the dog eats it like their normal food it can be used in conjunction with the other products to ensure day long health benefits.

We have not had the chance to get to try any of these products yet as there aren’t many out on the market that are easy to get ahold of. So this is mostly in theory that the food would be enriched with CBD at an amount that is spread across all the kibble or form of dog food. So as long as it tastes fine, and delivers the benefits that we have come to expect out of CBD infused dog treats it should be a great step forward for dogs and owners alike. As we don’t have any hands on experience we really can’t speak to the pros and cons, but will update when we have a chance to try it out.

What can CBD do for dogs?

If you have got to this section, thank you for reading everything so far! We will assume that you are here because your dog is having an issue that you have heard CBD can help with. Now while we don’t know everything it can or can’t help with we know what we have seen with our own tests.

From our hands on experience we have seen it really help anxious dogs relax, and of course deal with our little ones seizures. As well as these two aspects we have had friends try out cbd for dogs suffering from arthritis or other pains in their bodies. From that we have seen a dog who required weekly shots to reduce the pain they feel get off of them, and actually run better than when she was having the shots. This is one aspect of CBD that gets a lot of attention and that is a general reduction in nagging pains. So if your dog is losing a step or two as they age, or recover from injury, it is always a good possibility to keep in mind. While it won’t work for every dog, you should try if your dog is having any of these types of issues.

Extending the glory years of a dog is every owners goal. And while CBD can do a lot of things for a dogs health there are those things that are just hard to quantify. This is the type of issues that CBD might be able to help with. These include increasing hunger and energy or other things like that. Here is a fun infographic we found that has nice pictures 🙂

benefits of CBD use for dogs
The positive things cbd can do for dogs

Talking to your Vet about CBD

As with any suggestion that we make it is very important that you speak with your vet prior to making any of these additions, or other changes, to your dogs life. While CBD and THC have very little side effects you want to minimize the risk of danger to your dog. This includes modifying your dogs current drug or supplement routine. Sometimes when they are taking medicine for a while their body becomes dependent on it and you must taper off. Stopping everything at once can cause their system to go into shock, and this is not what anyone wants.

Some vets are receptive to using CBD while others aren’t. At the end of the day your dog is your main concern, so if the vet has valid reasons then it is what it is. If the vet just says no , and you think otherwise it might be useful to et a second opinion. This is not trying to turn anyone against their vets, but some people are just against CBD while others are more open.

Side effects of CBD use for dogs

While we talk about the benefits we also must talk about the side effects. In most cases there are no side effects, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. In most cases if a dog gets too much CBD they will either get lethargic and go to sleep; or they can have stomach issues and not be happy. As with anything in the world though, there is a chance for an allergic reaction. People can be allergic to water, so anything is possible. It is very unlikely to happen, but it is possible. This is why we suggest starting low with dosage and going slow in the increasing of dosages.

How long does it take to see the effects of CBD in dogs?

While the time to see the benefits might vary, on the shorter end you can see changes with CBD oil within an hour of usage. As there isn’t any CBD that lingers in the system it will diminish as time goes on. This is why it is good to use a combo of treats and oil as it will prolong the benefits. When we test out a new product we usually give it two days to see the changes. We can see right away if it will work or not as the seizures will return, so if she starts having seizures we know it isn’t working. This is why we started the blog, so that others won’t have to wander around the CBD landscape like we did.

Does high price mean better cbd?

While there is some truth to this the reality is that CBD can be found at a good value while still being a good product. CBD at its core is a chemical which is purchased or refined. Depending on the source and other aspects it might be more expensive. However, it is just as much related to the people who are putting the product together as the ingredients. Just like a cake, two people can have the same ingredients while one cook will make an amazing cake the other can burn it to dust.

So just like a baker, the people who are making it can make an amazing product and it might not have the highest price tag. Or , just like a car, just because it is very expensive doesn’t mean it is the best. For the long term, continual use of CBD for your dog, it is important to find that balance. A product that makes them feel better, and also doesn’t bankrupt you.

Finding the best CBD for you and your dog

At the end of the day the whole goal is to try to fix the issues that your dog is having. If you find that the product you are trying out isn’t work then it might be best to try out another product. We have done a bunch of lists on the best CBD products for dogs that we have found in our experiences.

Final tips and thoughts on buying the best CBD oil for your dog

CBD oil is a huge advancement to treating a lot of the common issues we deal with relating to our dogs. From joint to nagging muscle pain, who wouldn’t like to feel better? We all want the best lives for our dogs, and sometimes they need something that we can’t give them to feel better. So if your dog is having any issues that we outlined above it might be best to try CBD with them. Worst case it doesn’t help, and the best case scenario is that it makes them feel a couple years younger.

As long as there are no issues with current medicines I whole heartedly think that it is worth a shot. If you have any questions, or comments about CBD oil and your dog just send us an email or ask a question on here, as we want to help as many people as we can find relief for their dogs issues.

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