Are all CBD blends the same for dogs?

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Introduction to CBD Blends for pets

When it comes to pet care, one of the areas that is rarely discussed is maintaining their mental health. While their behavior is not as complex as humans, our pets can still feel sad and down than usual which can be seen through the symptoms of lethargy, being withdrawn, and being less friendly. In times of likes, pet owners usually feel hopeless and simply give up on their pets. However, recent research and findings have incorporated the use of CBD , or CBM, for pets. It is no longer a recreational and medicinal plant strictly for humans and our pets can reap the rewards. There are many issues that these chemicals can help with so find out everything in our article.

What is CBD?

CBD or Cannabidiol is a substance that is gathered from the Cannabis Sativa plant’s parts. The parts where this can be found is called hemp. The rest of the plant contains the other substance called THC or tetrahydrocannabinol.

The two are separated because they have different effects. THC is mainly responsible for all the negative side effects of marijuana such as the feeling of being “high”, being confused, and generally having bad withdrawals. On the other hand, CBD gives all the pain and anxiety relief from marijuana without its side effects. Because of this, it is largely used as medicine for both humans and pets.

How is it given to pets?

CBD is mainly given in an oil form. It is extracted from cannabis plants that have been grown in an insecticide-free and safe environment to ensure its high quality. It can be either converted into oil or mixed with other beneficial plant extracts to make it more effective. This is then put in a bottle that has its own dropper. This makes it easier to give directly to your pet’s mouth. You can also mix it with their food in case it is hard to give it directly orally.

Another form of CBD is through pet treats. This can be mixed with all-natural products that make it soft and chewable. This is also mixed with organic flavorings such as beef, chicken, and pork. This makes it easier to give to pets. This can also help you with training your dogs. Pets are also most likely to eat the treat every day because of its more enticing form. These products come with specific dosages on them that will help you change the amount to be given to your pet mainly depending on their size.

Are all CBD blends the same for pets?

CBD is largely beneficial for a lot of pets including dogs, cats, and equines. Because there are some differences between the body makeup of these, there are slight variations in their formulas. This is why you should purchase a product made specifically for your pet. Aside from this, there are also variations depending on their size. Following the recommended blends and dosages can help your pet get the best benefits from your products. Another thing to keep in mind is that there are also CBMs, which are cannabinoids and can function the same as CBD. They just come from different sources, and in fact can sometimes even provide additional relief over traditional CBD.

What are the benefits of CBD for your pets?

CBD has a lot of benefits for your pets. One of its most important benefits is making them more relaxed and freer from anxiety. CBD can help them relax and be less paranoid inside the house. This is a good benefit that can help some pets that are naturally very anxious and wary.

CBD can be administered to them, for example, in case they encounter a new environment. This can be in the form of having to move to a new house, meeting a new fellow pet, or being carried to a public place. Aside from this, you can also give the product before a festivity that will require a lot of noises and strangers which may naturally cause them to be more anxious.

Aside from this, CBD can help them be freed from the pain brought by diseases such as arthritis and old age. With CBD, older dogs that have started to become lazier can have their youthful glow back. It is also recommended to be used in case they only recently had a surgery. It is also for dogs currently undergoing cancer treatments and have less energy than usual.

CBD naturally boosts homeostasis in their bodies and promotes their skin and coat health, improves their immune system, and more.


CBD comes in various dosages and varieties for different types of pets. It is important to read their labels and recommended formulas to ensure the best result for your dog, cat, equine, and more. There are a lot of things that CBD can help with for your pets so if you are thinking that it might be beneficial to them we suggest reading more and/or talking to your vet. If you want to find out more about these products keep checking back on our page as we continue to review the best CBD treats in Canada , and other places 🙂 We have tried a lot of blends and can tell you what has worked for us and what hasn’t.

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