Apawthecary CBM Seafood Oral Drops for Dogs Full Review

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CMB or cannabis-based medicine are made up of natural chemicals found in the cannabis hemp plant, particularly the carmagnola variety. Research about it has seen its positive effects for improving digestion, treating metabolic disorders, and improving the health of dogs. It is a form of cannabinoid similar to THC and CBD.  Apawthecary pets in Canada was our very first introduction to hemp oils, and for that we will always be thankful! And if you think the sound of Seafood flavored oil sounds awful, my little pug would like to have a word with you!

How can CBM help a dog’s body?

CBM interacts with the receptors of the body which influence major organs such as the kidneys, heart, liver, and spleen. It is also involved in the regulation of fatty tissues. It has also been seen to influence metabolism and prevent the possibility of having cancers. 

Apawthecary CBM Oral Drops for Dogs

CBM is now seen as a good health booster for dogs. One of the best products that we have tried is Apawthecary Seafood Oil Drops.

Apawthecary is a Canada-based company that has dedicated 1.5 years of research for developing the products before its release. They are recommended by many pet owners and veterinarians who were satisfied by their output’s effectiveness and good quality. They are known for their good customer service which can be seen by their informative guides for using CBM and the numerous available ways for contacting them for queries. 

Quality of ingredients

One of the best aspects of Apawthecary’s Seafood Oil Drops is the high quality of hemp that they use. Hemp, which has been used for years for industrial purposes, have only lately been legalized for human and pet consumption. It is a cousin of the marijuana plant, yet it is safe to consume as long as it is properly manufactured. Apawthecary ensures customers that they do not use hemp which have undergone GMO procedures. Their hemp is considered as human grade which is why it is safe for dogs. 

These drops are mixed with MCT oil or Medium Chain Triglyceride Coconut Oil which has been seen to be beneficial for the digestion of dogs, for reducing inflammations, and improving their skin. 

The seafood flavor of the oil makes it easier to give to dogs. It is aromatic and close to the true smell of seafood. It also smells organic and does not have a chemical smell. Dogs can easily become trained to receive it because they will find its smell nice. 

How does it benefit your dog?

These oral drops can greatly help your dog in various ways. First, it has countless oxidants which can be found in the hemp terpenes included in it. Through this, any free radicals such as radiation, smoke, and cancers can be removed from the dog’s body. It also reduces the damage that oxidation brings to their body.

These drops are rich in protein which helps in the muscle building of the dog. In case you are building up your dog’s weight or their muscle, these drops can greatly help. 

These are also rich in different amino acids which aid in digestion, in the tissue building and muscle tone, and the energy of the dog.

These have also been seen to make dogs capable of controlling their emotions better which makes them less fearful or aggressive. Lastly, their coat is also improved as it can become shinier. 

How much should I give to my dog?

The dosage depends upon the weight of the dog. Generally, their formulation is made for 0.1 for every 1 kg of the dog. However, all dogs, regardless of size, are recommended to start first with a very small dose (about half or less of a dropper) to allow them to get used to it first. This is then increased slowly until you get your desired effects.

Give them small doses first until you see them become more relaxed, less moody, and more active. This is because the biology of every dog’s body is different, and their reaction depends on differences in genetics, breed, and weight. 

Apawthecary’s oral drops are administered by directly dropping it in their mouth with the use of a dropper. To do this, you would have to train them to remain relaxed when their mouth is held. You may also mix it with their food, but this is not recommended as you are not sure that they will take the full dose you give them. For the best results, we recommend giving the drops at least once per day. 

Possible side effects

CBM oil does not have any drastic side effects which is why it is safe for every dog to use. However, if you give them too much of it, they may have diarrhea because their digestive system will have difficulty in breaking down the MCT oil. In case this happens, simply reduce the dose that you give them

Some dogs may also become sleepy after getting this as a result of the pain relief brought by the oil and not necessarily because they feel “high”. This is because it does not have any psychoactive compound such as THC. Apawthecary explains that it is just a reaction of the pet after finally being free from pain. Because of this, they will be back to their usual active selves after a few days. 


Apawthecary is one of the best companies for CBM dog products given their dedication in ensuring the high quality for their ingredients. These are certified to be human-grade and effective for improving dogs’ health. It is also easy to give to them, with its effects easily seen after days of regular use. The seafood flavor was aromatic and smells natural which makes it a hit for many dogs. In case your dog dislikes the flavor, you may want to try Apawthecary’s other ones such as unflavored and bacon flavored dog oil drops.

As you have seen by our original posts here on the site Apawthecary was the main reason why we have had the quality of life for our dog right now. Without being introduced to their owl, there is no chance she would still be living the same way she is today. In another post we talked about what happened to Apawthecary, and who we think is a better choice now that you can’t get their oil. In case you haven’t read that yet, please note that https://www.furbabiesco.com/ is where you can get the new oil from!

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