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As we have been live with the site for a bit, it is time to get to the whole purpose of this site. We made this site so that people wouldn’t have to do all the legwork to find out what medicated oils can and can’t do for their dogs. Thankfully, we were lucky enough to be introduced to Apawthecary as it was the first oil that found any noticeable benefits when using. So for our first review we felt it was only right to start with the one company that let us see the benefits from these types of products.

Introduction to Apawthecary 

Shortly after our dog started having seizures we went to our vet and tried to see what the options were. There were the traditional pills and treatments that they had, but none were guaranteed to fix the issue and even came with some pretty back possible side effects. As our little one already had a rough enough life we thought that we would look around and see if there were other options.

Luckily for us the medicated oil market was just starting to take off, so we went to our local pet store and purchased several brands. We will be reviewing all the brands but felt it was best to start with the one that really got our foot in the door as far as these types of treatments.

Apawthecary Bacon flavored oil review

Apawthecary Bacon packaging

The first thing that you will notice if you have a bottle is the brown color of the glass. At first we thought it was just because it matched the label. But after reading about the product I realized that it actually ensured the product was kept safe from any type of breakdown from the sun. We don’t often take the oil out with us, but there are some times that we travel so it is good to know that we will continue to get the same performance out of it even if it has been outside with us.

The bottle is pretty solid, as I have dropped them a couple of times and there was no glass shattering or any cracks at all. The dropper is also very good quality. I usually go through a bottle or two in a week, and there is never any sign that the rubber or the gasket is going to give. The dropper also has measuring marking on it, which is helpful when trying to determine the right dose.

Apawthecary Bacons’ smell

The next thing that jumped out right is that it is all natural and they use organic ingredients whenever possible. If you have a dog that is using other medications it is always best to look for the more natural options whenever possible. We figured that because she is on some pills for her thyroid, we would choose natural options whenever we could. In many of our journeys through medicated oil products it is somewhat rare to see the use of natural ingredients as sometimes they use natural flavorings or other things. With synthetic chemicals there seems to be a greater chance of allergic reactions, again this is based on our own experience but worth noting.

As soon as you open the bottle you will notice that familiar aroma, nicely cooked bacon! It isn’t an overwhelming scent, but you can tell what it is after you smell it for a second. In full transparency, we did taste a little bit as well as we were curios and you can taste the bacon right away. It is one of those natural type flavors, not an artificial one. Kind of the difference between how raspberries smell when they are fresh, versus raspberry candy.

Apawthecary Bacon oil info

So now that we know how it looks, and how it smells let’s get down to the important parts about their oil. Their bacon oil comes in three different dosage amounts. They are 120, 300, and 600 mgs. Now normally people will go for the higher the mg for the lowest price. I can tell you , with amazement, that this is not the case with medicated oils. If you are getting a great quality product you will actually need less mg per ml than other lower quality ones. This is because the people at A paw the Cary have not only put mgs in the oil, but also other beneficial blends which help the uptake of the product.

The easiest way to think about it is similar to how we look at food. Everything comes with calorie numbers, but there is a huge difference between the types of food and the way our bodies use the food. If you ate 300 calories worth of sugar and 300 calories of complex carbohydrates your body would react differently. This is because the way that your body uses the energy is different, even though the calories are the same. It is the same with these types of oils, just because there is a lot of mgs in the ml, it doesn’t mean it will all be use. Nor does it mean that it is good quality. I have used some oils that were as high as 1000mg, reported on the label, and they did less for my dogs issues than the 120 mg one did from A Paw the Cary.

Now, as much as I wish I could give you the secret sauce as to why it works I just don’t know. It really does boggle my mind that they can do so much with so little mgs of medication. From what I understand the people behind this product really love animals. They took the time to create their own formulation and optimize not only the ingredients they put in, but how they are used within the dogs body.

To extract the medicine that they add to the oil they use an organic CO2 method, which results in a lot of benefits. The first is the CO2 is very safe. As humans we have interactions with it almost everyday, if not multiple times a day. It also ensure purity , because the process only gets the targeted oils, so after the extraction is complete they are left with exactly what they want. After reading about the CO2 process it does appear to be one of the pricier ways of extracting oils, which again shows their commitment to quality.

The carrier oil, which is what the medicine is put into, is MCT oil. Essentially this is a form of oil that comes from coconuts. This is great for dogs for a couple of reasons. The first reason why it is good is because coconut oil is very easy to tolerate. There are not a lot of allergies related to MCT oil , which is one of its biggest benefits. The other is that it helps the dogs out in other ways, such as a nicer coat, better breath, and adds healthy fats to their bodies. The final thing that is good about MCT oil is that the medicine needs to get into their system via a fat. This is because many extracted oils are not water soluble, and bodies need fat to help absorb it.

There were some oils that when you opened them they just smelt so earthy and really not that appetizing. However, with the combo of the MCT oil and natural bacon flavorings not only did it smell great but my picky little eater had no hesitation getting it down. This is just as important, because if you are giving doses multiple times a day, and your little one doesn’t want to eat it, you can easily add 10 minutes each time. And if you are doing it 4 or 5 times a day it can quickly turn into a full hour of your day gone. But with A Paw the Cary’s bacon flavor my little one actually looks forward to it. Which is a win, as she thinks its a treat and I know its helping her!

Where is A Paw the Cary now?

You can only imagine my disbelief when I went to order another 10 bottles one day and their site was gone. After all the trials and tribulations of getting the right product, the right dosage, and the right schedule it felt like it was all for waste. They have closed down now but that is ok as we have found another product that is similar. We have now switched over to FurBabies for all of our needs, and we have not missed a beat as far as the benefits.

So if anyone is looking for Apawthecary we suggest you go to https://www.furbabiesco.com/shop and check their products out. They are again the only product that we have seen success in treating our dogs seizures and will continue with them.

Final thoughts on A Paw the Cary bacon flavored drops

I loved Apawthecary as their products are the first ones that ever provided any relief from the issues that my dog has been encountering. When you find a product that works it feels like a heaven send, and when it goes away it is utterly shocking. However, if you are looking to buy more A Paw the Cary products we can’t suggest anyone else other than Furbabies. We will have a full review of their product up shortly, but felt it was only fair to review the product that we first found to really treat the issues we were having.

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