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cbddogtreats.ca was born out of our personal interactions with many different CBD products as we tried to find the right solutions for issues we were having. Right away we fell in the rabbit hole of trying to find the right product for what we needed. However, things weren’t as easy to figure out as you would expect them to be and it became very apparent that there were so many variables between the differences between full spectrum CBD to isolates to how many milligrams we should be using that it became overwhelming very quickly.

We tried our best to find the best products for our little ones as there we some issues that we just weren’t having success with during out trips to the vets. Thankfully, some CBD products were suggested to us and we are here to try to alleviate the issues we ran into so that people can get the info they need when it comes to the different options for their pets.

We try to make information easy to read and understand while passing along positive interactions that we have had on our journey to try to treat the many issues we have faced with our little one. We’ve used many different products and have found different levels of success with them, so for complete clarity the majority of our content is based on our own experiences and although everyone might have different results we can only speak to what we know has worked for us.

For this reason we have put together a site that will provide information about our favorite products, and more general information as stepping into the world of CBD can be a bit overwhelming, as we quickly found out. Our goal is to make finding the right product for you as easy as possible, and answer as many questions about CBD and your dogs as easy as possible. If we don’t have information for you, please send us an email and we will do our best to find you an answer as well as put that information online for others as the whole goal of this site is to get the info you need to make an educated decision on if/how to treat your little pals. We know that they can’t tell us what is wrong most of the time and we are all in this together to make their lives as comfortable and safe as possible.