A look at Homeopathic remedies for dogs and CBD

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Introduction to a quick look homeopathic remedies for dogs and CBD

Our dog may have various troubles while going about their day-to-day activities. Allowing them to stray for just a couple of minutes may make them end up with issues as some are fond of eating inedible objects. Over time and because of age, they may also experience symptoms of chronic pain, anxiety, or seizures as a result of an underlying disease. Nowadays, many pet owners are not fond of solving this by using fully chemical solutions and are instead interested in using homeopathic remedies to treat these.

Here, we discuss what homeopathic medicine is and what CBD is for you to know if you should give it to your furry companion.

What is homeopathic medicine?

Homeopathy has its roots from 200 years ago. While this has been used to be mainly for humans, it has also been applied for dogs as well. This philosophy of treating illnesses is centered around two ideas.

The first is that “like cures like”. The symptoms felt by the body such as fevers, chills, and discharges are a result of an underlying illness that it is trying to treat. Because of this, homeopathy aims to further boost these symptoms to help the body heal faster. For example, high body temperatures from fevers will be raised to make the illness heal quickly.

The second idea is that the medications they take are mixed with water in diluted forms. For example, it is common to use a plant such as belladonna and mix it with water to end with a final ratio of 1/30. Before giving this to dogs, users shake the blend to maximize its potential.

This approach to medicine is widely debated, with some users highly regarding it as effective but with other people greatly criticizing it.

How does homeopathic medicine affect dogs?

According to research, this approach’s greatest benefit is in the close relationship created by the owner and their pet throughout the process of healing. As the dog is given medicine and taken care of gently, they become more confident and start to have an improved mood which does wonders for their health. Data on the exact effects of the homeopathic medicine given to them does not show positive results, though, which is why we can’t really call this very effective as it is.

CBD and homeopathic medicine

However, a dominant idea with homeopathic medicine is the use of all-natural ingredients to treat the illnesses felt by pets. Here, we can relate it to CBD. After all, this newer supplement is completely plant-based and free from any artificial chemicals.

We should make it clear, though, that CBD is not always homeopathic. This is because the actual cbd is not diluted to a very low ratio. It also does not exacerbate the symptoms felt by the dog. The example of the fever curing the body, applied to CBD does not work. It is important to note that a homeopathic fix, doesn’t mean all natural or organic. It is actually a type of reasoning within the creation and use of the remedy.

Even with this quality, many homeopathic medicine experts are not completely opposed to using it. This is because it does not have any counter effects to their medicine. Homeopathic medicine is also completely natural which makes it favorable if you adhere to this medicinal philosophy.

What is CBD?

Now that this is made clear, let us now discuss what CBD is.

CBD is short for cannabidiol. This is a compound that has been discovered back in 1940, back when the cannabis hemp plant was studied for medicinal purposes. If you are an avid reader of dog blogs, this will be already very familiar for you.

What makes CBD very popular is the fact that it is highly effective and all-natural. Not to mention, its novelty also gives it an edge over other supplements.

How does CBD affect the dog’s body?

Contrary to homeopathic medicine, CBD is given in regular doses and is not very diluted to ensure that its effects will be felt by the dog. It is mixed with a carrier oil such as pumpkin seed, hemp seed, or MCT oil.

CBD does not cause the symptoms of the dog to be heightened, but rather, minimizes it. CBD interacts with the dogs body part called ECS or endocannabinoid system which is found in many mammals like dogs, humans, and horses.

This enables receptors and neurotransmitters in the body to be activated. Through this, homeostasis in the body will be encouraged. Homeostasis is the condition where all body levels and activities are at normal and sustainable levels.

What are the benefits of CBD for dogs?

Because of this homeostasis-boosting effect, the dog’s body becomes relieved of any symptoms it currently experiences from. This includes the following:

  • Chronic pain – This is usually felt by dogs who have arthritis and those who are undergoing chemotherapy treatments. CBD has been seen to make these dogs experience less pain which allows them to be more active and therefore capable of more exercise.
  • Seizures in dogs – Research also supports CBD effectiveness in lessening how many epileptic episodes happen. If they do, its intensity is also lessened and is more manageable. Because of this, dogs become less exhausted after having seizures. We use CBD for dog seizures , and if you want to find out our experience please check out that link.
  • Anxiety relief for dogs – Finally, CBD has been seen to make dogs calmer and less anxious. This applies even for those who have separation anxiety.

These benefits are supported both by research and positive reviews of millions of customers. As CBD is still relatively newly legalized, there are still confusions about it. Because of this, many may be wondering whether it has side effects.

Does CBD have side effects?

Fortunately, CBD has no side effects when given properly. In proper doses, dogs can go on with their day-to-day activities without any decline in performance or mood.

If they are currently receiving homeopathic treatment, it is also safe for them to receive CBD treatment. After all, both are all-natural and organic.

As with anything potent, however, CBD may have side-effects when given in improperly high doses. This includes dizziness, thirstiness, and vomiting for dogs. This is mostly a result of its oil form which is hard to digest in large amounts.

CBD vs homeopathic medicine

Now that the two have been discussed, some may be deciding which one they should try.

Homeopathic medicine has some positive reviews by many users. However, the research behind it is still inconclusive, with its beneficial effects mostly pointed towards placebo effects. There are minimal side effects to using it, though, as most products that use it are diluted.

On the other hand, CBD has support from both research and millions of satisfied customers. This is why we recommend this more.

Of course, we can always try both of them at the same time as homeopathic medicine users say that there are no conflicting effects between the two.

Conclusion to a quick look homeopathic remedies for dogs and CBD

In summary, CBD is similar to homeopathic treatments because it is all-natural (gathered from the cannabis hemp plant). It is not the same, though, as CBD is potent and is not diluted when given for dogs. CBD is also not made to exacerbate current symptoms, but instead, to relieve it.

As proven, both can be taken at the same time in case you are already using homeopathic treatments.  So if you have second thoughts about what homeopathic is and what it does think of this quick story. A snake bite can kill you, but the snake venom can make an antidote and some people even take a bit of venom to build up tolerance. So as the popular saying goes ” that what does not kill me makes me stronger” is closer to homeopathy than anything.

CBD does no harm , and thus doesn’t fall into that type of label. Organic… maybe, from nature… yes ( most of the time) Sorry if it is confusing there are just so many labels that, while sounding right, aren’t applied to the right product. If you are looking for some homeopathic remedies for dogs and don’t want to read anymore we don’t blame you as there is so much info out there. So take a watch of this video for some more tips:

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